Photo Essay: A Farm Week

Mthavini, Rose,  and grandson harvest mustard
The art of seed saving
Mmamaropeng with her seed library of heritage varieties

Cherished seeds of ‘traditional’ (rainy season) foods: these foods ‘never came from the store’
Mihlava saves seeds for coveted pumpkin leaves


Pumpkin leaves
Dried tinyawa (bean) leaves


Heritage beans



This week’s produce to market
Mthavini and Rose harvest mustard
Rose and Josephine with chard for local sale
Evelyn and Rosina – effective use of my rental car

(and other car uses)
Hleketani greens to market in Nkambako


Selling in N’wamitwa on paypoint day (social grants delivered)
Mijaji (above), Mthavini (below) on the field

Transplants purchased from a local small farmer: farmers supporting farmers
Selinah and grandson


Mthavini’s grandson
Preparing to hand-water young plants
Tomato staking – a week’s hot work
From bush to farm – high-speed stake delivery
Evelyn delivers raw stakes
Mphephu trims stakes
Dinah prepares a hole for the anchor stake
Newly staked plants










Interview with Alice
Tallying the week’s income



Other labours – Mijaji stitches the bustle on a Tsonga skirt

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