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Cookbook fundraiser

As a fundraiser for Hleketani (‘Thinking’) Community Garden,
Basani Ngobeni and Elizabeth Vibert have produced a colourful little cookbook. If you’d like a copy of ‘Recipes from The Thinking Garden’ ($15 plus postage), send a note to:


Funding priorities 2022

Top funding priorities for 2022:

  • Funds to support ongoing stipends for 3 younger farmers being mentored as new farmers: Vina, Mapula, and Ntsakisi
    (C$100 each x 8 months) = $2,400.
  • Solar irrigation pump system = $2200 (installed). Electricity costs are extremely high and electricity delivery is problematic in South Africa. The farmers would like to be freed of the electrical grid and go fully green in energy use.
  • Funds to support ongoing wages of a second security guard (C$100 per month) = $1200.
  • Long-term wish list: a second concrete water storage tank (reservoir) to make drip watering more efficient = $1500.
  • MYRIAD THANKS to generous donors of 2017-21, who facilitated replacement of the water-conserving drip irrigation infrastructure and helped to support the 3 new farmers. All 6 hectares of irrigation materials have been replaced and the farmers are now growing in the “upper section,” which had been fallow and in cover crops for several years. This section is thriving with regenerated soil and irrigation. 

This is a story about radical innovators.